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Praxis | What we can learn from political opponents

We must not be afraid to face the political opponent. Every discussion is an opportunity to improve one's own positions and reach more people.

Theory | Simulating Socialism (3): Valuation

In part 3 of his series "Simulating Socialism", Jan Philipp Dapprich takes a look at the valuation of goods within a simulated economy and explains its implications.

Theory | After the 2019 EU Elections

The 2019 European Elections are over. For the Left, the results were meagre. The discussion around the results has begun. By Dennis Graemer.

Theory | Capitalism Only Works in Theory

In his review of Leigh Philipps and Michael Rozworski's "The People's Republic of Walmart" Bernhard Pirkl lays the foundational work of how to think a post-capitalist economy on the basis of the US supermarket chain Walmart.

Theory | Negation of Reason – Neoliberalism as Anti-Enlightenment

Neoliberalism has had a brilliant carreer in the past decades. This is surprising, given its denial of enlightenment and high level of religious ideas.

Theory | Lenin would be a reformist today

In light of the devastated state of contemporary left movements, author Leon makes a surprising statement: Lenin would be a reformist today. Not because he didn't have revolutionary thought, but because he put much more focus on strategic thought than the folk-political "live action" of modern leftists.

Theory | Simulating Socialism (2): Optimising Production Plans

In the second part of the "Simulating Socialism" series, Philipp Dapprich describes how to compute exact amounts of goods to be produced for satisfying a given demand. Also, he elaborates on how this demand can be calculated for the future.

Theory | Is the OK sign fascist now?

The Left spends way too much time fighting right wing symbolicism, instead of focusing on the underlying causes of the ongoing fascist surge online. Our author Leon explains how the methods of fascism manage to keep the Left occupied and divert them from the real problems.

Theory | Racism in Football – why Klopp, Guardiola and Sarri are Right and Leonardo Bonucci is Wrong

Racism is a deep-seated problem, especially in football matches. Following racist slurs against the football player Moise Kean, TI analyses the problem and explains, why Keans teammate Leonardo Bonucci hasn't understood the problem.

Theory | Der Kult des Verzichts

Wir stehen am Rande einer globalen Katastrophe. Im Angesicht des Klimawandels glauben einige, eine einfache Lösung des Problems gefunden zu haben: den Verzicht. Doch das konsumkritische Denken ist nicht nur nutzlos, sondern auch neoliberal. Von Dennis Graemer.

Theory | Simulating Socialism (1): Creating a Computer Simulation of a Socialist Economy

"Socialist planning never works" is a common phrase to reject socialist ideas. That this doesn't hold true has been proven recently by Leigh Phillips' and Michal Rozworski's book "The People's Republic of Walmart." Phillip Dapprich currently develops a computer simulation for such a planned economy. In this post he shares his findings so far.

Uncategorized | Workshop: Modernity and Antimodernity

The last days of March will feature a theoretical workshop, organised by ADH, around the topics of modernity and antimodernity. On this page you'll find the program containing all presentation abstracts to get an idea about their contents.

Theory | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal: A Solution for the Future?

Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently reanimated the topic of climate change in the US public debate. The Democrat and Member of the House of Representatives waived pointing out the disaster on the horizon once again. Instead, she and cosponsor Ed Markey introduced a resolution to congress demanding a "Green New Deal". But is this Green New Deal what the Left should have hoped for?

Theory | Feminism as Struggle — Frauen*streik

Today, women across Germany go on strike to protest patriarchial structures, unpaid work and equal rights. Everywhere the gaps will show up, highlighting the amount of work done by women without compensation. On this symbolic international women's day, ADH shows solidarity towards their struggles.

Theory | How does wage labor differ from self-employment and pseudo self-employment?

Wage-laborers work for a company and a fixed wage. But there's two other groups: self-employed and those for whom German legislation has invented their own term: Scheinselbstständige (pseudo self-employed). This article discusses the differences between these groups.

Praxis | Struggles in the healthcare sector

In order to live up to our claim as a platform for transformation, it is not enough to simply provide analyses of current social conditions and disseminate our theoretical findings. This is why we are practically involved - currently in the healthcare sector in Germany.

Theory | IO: A Universe Between Faith and Politics

Another example for the contemporary social hopelessness is "Io", released in January on Netflix. Instead of putting faith in technology, the movie industry continues to deliver the apocalypse. Hendrik Erz has reviewed the movie for us.

Theory | Book Review: Beauty and Misogyny

Sheila Jeffreys' "Beauty and Misogyny" is an impressive study of how beauty ideals are used to objectify women worldwide. From Asia to Europe, women are oppressed by scale and measure. We've reviewed the book for you.

Uncategorized | A New Deal to Vote for: European Spring attends the European Election 2019

On January 25th, 2019, representatives from the pan-european movement European Spring officially announced the New Deal for Europe. Lucien Groll analyses the electoral platform for ADH and tells us what he thinks about it.

Theory | The new Turkey and her relationship with democracy

The 2019 annual conference of the network of kurdish academics (Kurd-Akad e.V.) took place in Cologne on January 19th. It's topic was "The 'new' Turkey". Hendrik Erz and Laila Riedmiller attended and describe their impressions of the conference for ADH.

Theory | "Some leftists secretly see islamist movements as allies against imperialism"

Schmalle blogs about islamist movements and criticizes a lack of focus in left-wing movements when it comes to them dealing with islamism. In our interview, he talks about the islamist world view, the naivety some leftists expose and he talks about his critique of the organisation "marx21."

Theory | A Catastrophe in Real Time

It's a misconception to think that our children will be the first to suffer from climate change. At this very moment, another social group is already taking psychological damage from climate change and it's continuous denial in society: Climate Researchers. By Jochen Becker.

Theory | What is Folk Politics?

The radical left has lost sight of its great ambitions and suffers from a dangerous short-sightedness - Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams call of "folk politics," a "politics of immediacy." Why such a politics is doomed to fail and what we must do to break with it.

Theory | Class War on Christmas Eve

Während die Königin ihre jährliche Weihnachtsansprache hielt, setzte sich in Tunesien einer junger Mann als Protestakt selbst in Brand. Warum Weihnachtsreden von Prominenten eine Täuschung sind und wir uns daran erinnern sollten, dass diese Menschen nicht unsere Freunde sind.

Theory | Für einen Feminismus der proletarischen Viertel!

Aufruf an die ausgebeuteten Frauen der proletarischen Viertel, wie er im Rahmen der AG zur Vorbereitung des »IV. Aktes« der GJ am 06.12.2018 in Saint-Denis verlesen wurde.

Theory | Should we support the Gilets Jaunes?

The Gilets Jaunes not only protest an ecology-taxation on fuel, but a whole style of making politics. ADH declares itself solidaric with the Gilets Jaunes and lays out the reasons why in this statement.

Theory | Profits before the environment

[Translation forthcoming]

Theory | #Aufstehen: Between mass movement and german party politics

The movement #aufstehen by Sahra Wagenkecht marks the attempt at reuniting the German left. Not only because of the coupling between Wagenknecht and the structures of the party Die LINKE this attempt is doomed to fail. A comment by Hendrik Erz.

Theory | Aufstehen - The Rise of the Old Left

[Translation forthcoming]

Theory | Climate change and Capitalism

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Theory | Health and Evidence

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Theory | The history of the 1st of May

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Theory | What is Promethean Politics?

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Theory | Bitcoin is not what Socialism Needs

In this short essay, philosopher-economist Jan Philipp Dapprich and the renowned computer scientist Paul Cockshott investigate the question whether Bitcoin could be used in the service of socialism.

Theory | The ethos of modernity, the thought of the sciences and their dialectics

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Theory | In the Face of Terror

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Theory | G20: Absurd Theatrics

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Theory | Whats the deal with DieM25?

DiEM25 could be entering the European Parliament after the next election as the first pan-european party. But what does DiEM25 stand for, and why could it be promising to have a closer look at this movement?

Theory | Paragraphen aus Gummi

[Translation forthcoming]

Theory | Criticism of Islam between Enlightenment and Racism

Commentators criticising Islam mostly do so from a decidedly Christian perspective, which is comparably archaic as Islam. Only a rational critique in the spirit of enlightenment is able to adequately critique Islam and other religions alike.